when people find out that you are planning to read 75 books in a year, you wouldn't believe the strange looks you get.

and the strange things people say.

        "how are you going to fit in the rest of your life?"

well, i do plan to continue to work. it helps support me in the manner to which i have become accustomed. and i still plan to travel a fair bit this year, not to mention the friends that i see weekly, if not more often. i've chosen to fit reading into my life, cramming it in. it does mean that i am watching less television, and wasting less moments. but since i always have a book with me anyways, it just makes sense to me.

        "are there even that many books?"

come on over and take a look at my bookshelf...

        "do you know how guilty that makes me feel?"

here, borrow a book.

        "don't you have more important things to do with your time?"

do you mean like watch countless hours of mindless, creativity zapping television, or waste countless hours looking at Facebook pictures of people that i went to high school with and and haven't seen in a couple of decades? then no, i don't.

* * * * *

i guess there will always be people who don't understand when you decide to undertake a project. but this one, i am doing for me.


Jenia said...

Way to go! I think I read about 40 books last year, and I hope I do better this time around :)

Crystal said...

Hi Suzi! AJ sent me your blog links and I've been reading along and really enjoying them!

I think it's great that you're lowering your TV viewing and upping your reading. I'm working on a goal right now to read the very favourite book of each of my friends in the next 4 years (by the time I'm 30). 2 down so far. A lot of people actually don't own their favourite books, so that's making it more of a challenge.

Anwyay, keep up the good work and good blogs!


suzi said...

@ Jenia: i normally read that many in a year, but for some reason, last year i only read 20something. which is what started this whole endeavor. good luck with your goal!

@Crystal: thanks for the encouragement! i have a completely unreasonable amount of books in my tiny apartment, so if you want to borrow any of them, let me know & i can get them to Silvia! otherwise i just sit and look at all the pretty books, which keeps me from reading!

Anonymous said...

I say Kudos to you! You're an inspiration, Suzi.