what i'm reading...

Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis {Cara Black}
i love this series of murder mysteries all set in my very favorite city. if i cannot be in Paris, these books, each set in a different area of the city are a good substitute. this one, set on the Ile Saint-Louis, is special to me, as i have spent a good amount of time on this little island in the middle of the Seine, and have even dreamed of one day calling one of the apartments here my home.

A Homemade Life {Molly Wizenberg}
this series of essays and recipes is perfect summer reading. the author writes beautifully of her home life, and the way her family, especially her father, has shaped her into the person she is today. the author writes of one of my favorite blogs, Orangette, and checking out her blog will help you understand how very much a treat the book is. this is one that i will be very sad to see end, so i am reading it purposely slow.

The Liturgical Year {Joan Chittister}
this is one that i started a while ago, but it got shelved for some reason that i cannot remember. but i am excited to pick it back up, and get going on it again.

what are you reading?