favorite words...

I had been wanting Luci Shaw's Harvesting Fog for a while, and it finally found its way into my home. While it is small, it is not a book to hurry through. There are some nights that I only get through one poem, and that one poem will not let go of me.

One such poem is this one. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do...
—Luci Shaw, Harvesting Fog, p. 26

Behold the fleck of ant
bearing with diligence his large
load of crumb down the long
mile of floorboard.

If, by observation, we become
part of an insect's life, is he
aware of us? What thread of vision
links antic and observant?
What false criterion of size?
And who is it who, watching us,
whispers Watch for Who it is
Who watches you?

Review: Devotions For Lent

Devotions for Lent from the Mosaic Bible is an excellent guide for the Lenten season. Divided into the six weeks that encompass the season, this little book belies its size by packing in more quotes, beautiful photos, poetry and inspiration than you can imagine. Even included are all of the scripture readings {in the back of the book}, so if you travel or commute, this one tiny little book can by your sole companion for all the whole season.

I have read other books on Lent, but this is definitely one of my favorites. Each of the six weeks is broken down by theme {Identifying Discontent, Dependence, God's Holiness & Grace, Sin & Death, Fasting, Hope}, and these themes are fleshed out in the words of Christ followers both ancient and modern {from Augustine to Lauren Winner} and Scripture. The combination creates a beautiful fusion that helps to prepare your heart as the days progress closer to the Holy Week, and Easter itself.

I am enchanted by the liturgical calendar, and how following it can enhance not only my relationship with God, but also prepare me for the spiritual rhythms of life. I love how even the ordinary days can be extraordinary when you pay attention.

But these are no ordinary days. This week marks the beginning of Lent. Having spent my early years in both Catholic school and the Catholic church, Lent is something that is ingrained in me as a time of deprivation. Time to give something up. but later in life, understanding how it fits into the liturgical calendar, Lent has also become a time of preparation for the celebration of Jesus' resurrection, Easter. I have come to understand that the deprivation is not an end to itself, but rather is to clear out your life to help prepare your heart, and better hear God.

Devotions For Lent is the perfect companion to do so. {oh, and because they come in packages of ten, you can share with your family, small group, or just bless random strangers!}

I have received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.