when people find out that you are planning to read 75 books in a year, you wouldn't believe the strange looks you get.

and the strange things people say.

        "how are you going to fit in the rest of your life?"

well, i do plan to continue to work. it helps support me in the manner to which i have become accustomed. and i still plan to travel a fair bit this year, not to mention the friends that i see weekly, if not more often. i've chosen to fit reading into my life, cramming it in. it does mean that i am watching less television, and wasting less moments. but since i always have a book with me anyways, it just makes sense to me.

        "are there even that many books?"

come on over and take a look at my bookshelf...

        "do you know how guilty that makes me feel?"

here, borrow a book.

        "don't you have more important things to do with your time?"

do you mean like watch countless hours of mindless, creativity zapping television, or waste countless hours looking at Facebook pictures of people that i went to high school with and and haven't seen in a couple of decades? then no, i don't.

* * * * *

i guess there will always be people who don't understand when you decide to undertake a project. but this one, i am doing for me.

review: A Distant Melody

by Sarah Sundin

Allie Miller has resigned herself to the fact that the man who will soon propose to her thinks her as dull as her beautiful mother does. But given the fact that Baxter is her father's right hand man in the family business, and both of her parents are thrilled with the match, she is willing to go through with her part to make their future work.

But before the fateful event happens, Allie boards a train to travel to her best friend's wedding, and en route meets Lt. Walter Nowak, a pilot taking his last furlough before being shipped overseas to fight in World War II. Although Walt has always been tongue-tied and awkward around girls, for some reason, he is able to to talk to Allie, and the two of them begin a friendship that will span the miles that the war will force between them.

A Distant Melody is a beautifully written book that was a pleasure to read. I read the 400+ pages far faster than I had anticipated, because I simply didn't want to put the book down. It's also one that I know i will read again.

Had I not read on the back of the book that this was Sarah Sundin's debut novel, I never would have believed it. As far as I am concerned, book two of this Wings of Glory series cannot arrive soon enough.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

reading challenge: day 82

things were flowing along so smoothly for a while, but it appears that i've hit a bit of a lull. not that i'm behind. i finished book 17 less than 24 hours late, and am well into book 18...but truth be told, not as far into it as i would like to be!

book 15, Flickering Pixels, is one that i know that i will need to read again, if only to glean more of its wisdom. its author, Mars Hill Grand Rapid's new teaching pastor, Shane Hipps, is one of the most media savvy people whose words i have ever read. he has eloquently explained how all media {even something we take for granted, like the alphabet} has changed us. absolutely brilliant.

i got Pauline Frommer's NYC Spend Less See More when i was in calgary at christmas to help my parents and i plan for our trip to NYC {which is only 37 days away!}. to be sure, i have read it at least twice so far, and will probably give it at least another read before i board my Porter flight. as far as travel books go, this one is pretty great for tips to enjoy a city when you don't have unlimited resources, and let's face it, these days, who does? i found myself wondering if there is a paris version as well, and wouldn't you know it but there is. happy day!

rounding out today's trio is a book that i won't say much about now, as i'll be blogging about it more on april 1, and that it Sarah Cunningham's Picking Dandelions: A Search For Eden Among Life's Weeds. i will say that i love Sarah's blog, and encourage you to read it as well. she has a beautiful, easy writing style, and is a great storyteller.

that's all i have for now. i'll be back on friday with a review of book 18. beyond book 18, i'm not sure what i'll be reading next, but i do have some ideas.

can you inspire me? what are you reading?

what i'm reading...

it's been much quieter on the book front these days, and i'm not exactly sure why. i guess, like much else in life, things go in seasons.

but life most definitely carries on.

i finished book 15, Flickering Pixels, right on time, and with book 16 due to be read next tuesday, perhaps the rainy weekend that this one is supposed to be will be a very good thing!

there are three books that have captured my attention right now...

Devotions For Lent... a little Lenten devotional that i am reviewing for the good folks over at Tyndale, with meditations and scripture readings for this season. i won't say much now— because you'll hear more next week—apart from the fact that i am loving it.

Emma {Jane Austen}... there really is nothing like a little Jane Austen. i am fairly certain that i won't have this one done by tuesday, for it simply does not do to rush one of Ms. Austen's works. but already, i am loving bumbling, silly Emma... oh, and i am super excited that i found the Collector's Library editions of the rest of Jane's works that i have Emma in, so perhaps one day i can have a whole matching set. how fun is that?

People I Wanted to Be {Gina Ochsner}... this book of short stories came highly recommended from somewhere, i just cannot remember where right now, and if the first story is any indication, then this could rapidly become one of my favorite books of all time. this one, i think, given enough of a grey, rainy weekend, could easily be finished before monday morning.

well these are the books that have my mind right now.

what are you reading?

reading challenge: day 63

it's been a while since i updated you on all the books in my life...

i'm actually a bit ahead of the game in order to get all 75 books read this year. book number 14, which i finished on wednesday, isn't due until tomorrow, with book number 15 due next wednesday.

book number 14, Thin Places by Mary DeMuth, i won't say much beyond the fact that it is brilliant, as i'm planning to review it next week.

not being one to read one book at a time, i've got a number of them on the go right now, so it's a toss up as to which one will end up being the fifteenth of 75. the big contenders are Flickering Pixels (which i am more than halfway through) and The Liturgical Year.

so that's what's going on in my world of of pages. definitely not as much as the last update, but still ahead of the game.

until next time...