favorite words... {02.08.11}

i found a new writer i love yesterday. her name is Enuma Okoro, and you can find her blog {and the rest of the post below} here.

here are the first words of hers i have read. by the end of the paragraph, i'll be surprised if you don't love her as much as i...
I am learning to dwell in daily meditation, to rise and seek after God out of necessity. And it can’t be lost on me, the small miracles inherent in this. Small, but who knows how the smallest miracles expand and stretch wide like canvas covering a host of unspeakables. I ask boldly for small things. Then I watch and wait for God, clenching a fistful of mustard seeds. My other hand wrapping around Psalms and Epistles, Prophets and Gospels like a bouquet of flowers, Gerber daisies perhaps, colors that leak boldness and hope like water. I poise ready to tiptoe behind the holy ascent up a holy hill. My mouth parts with breath, preparing breath, centering breath, prayer breath. If I can at least speak the truth from my heart, regardless of a shaky gait and what is right...may I too abide in God’s tent? Am I too far from blameless? {Tuesday, Feb 1, 2011}
see what i mean?