Review: Bonhoeffer {by Eric Metaxas}

first, i must apologize, as this review was due a couple of weeks ago. the feeble excuse for lateness has much to do with all that has gone on in my life over the latter part of this year, but it also has much more to do with the fact that when you find a good, brilliantly written book, the last thing you want to do is rush through it.

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
is just such a book.

the author, Eric Metaxas, writes such an in-depth and compelling biography that by the time you turn the last of the pages, you not only feel as though you are a better person for having gotten to 'know' this great theologian, but you actually feel the loss of such an amazing life being cut short.

the trouble with knowing only parts of a story is that we tend to skip over what we consider the less important parts to get to the good stuff. to be honest, the first part of the book, about Bonhoeffer's childhood and early family life, seemed a bit slow. but in reality, as for all of us, it was these formative years that shaped the man he was to become. to have rushed through this part would have been a waste.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed that being a Christ follower wasn't something simply done on Sunday, but should encompass the whole of our lives... even if one lived in Hitler's Germany and was surrounded by the atrocities that ensued. these words of Bonhoeffer's open chapter 17...
It is high time we broke with our theologically based restraint towards the state's actions–which, after all, is only fear. "Speak out for those who cannot speak." Who in the church today realized that this is the very least that the Bible requires of us?
* * * * *
The restoration of the church must surely depend on a new kind of monasticism, which has nothing in common with the old but a life of uncompromising discipleship, following Christ according to the Sermon on the Mount. I believe the time has come to gather people together to do this.
filled with history, intrigue, and even a glimpse into a beautiful love story told in letters, Bonhoeffer is a book that i am a better person for having read. i have raved about this book to strangers. on my flight home for Christmas, strangely enough, the man sitting next to me was just beginning this book as i was in the middle of mine. this is a one of a kind biography that should be read, whether you are familiar with Bonhoeffer's own books or not. it will actually inspire you to want to read more of this man of God.

if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, go buy this book. hey, even if you did get what you wanted, get this book. this story of an amazing life well lived with not only inspire you, but will challenge you to make a difference in the world where you live.

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