Review: Choosing To See

by Mary Beth Chapman

when you decide that you're going to read 75 books in one year, you end up picking up books that you might not otherwise have picked up. the good thing about this process is that you end up have your life greatly impacted by a book you would otherwise have missed out on.

Choosing To See is just such a gem.

most everyone in the Christian community heard of the tragedy that occured in recording artist, Steven Curtis Chapman's family back in May of 2008. the news that their youngest daugher, Maria, was tragically killed when their son, Will, hit her with his car. this unimaginable tragedy, parents losing one child at the inadvertent hand of another, caused many who heard of it to wonder how a parent would cope with it.

this book is the beautifully written, heatbreaking, and hope-filled answer to that question.

Mary Beth Chapman, the lesser know of these parents of six, writes a beautiful memoir of a life that didn't go exactly as planned, but even in the unplanned and unexpected parts of life, beauty can be found if you choose to look for it. Mrs. Chapman reminds us that even if life doesn't happen the way we want it to, it doesn't mean that we can give up when we face the unthinkable.

as i already mentioned, this book was a beautiful, raw, messy and joyful gift. i read it in one day, and while it is in no way comical, there were times when i actually laughed out loud. a short time later, however, i could not stop the flow of tears while walking with the family through their tragedy.

whether or not you normally read memoirs, i strongly recommend you pick up Choosing To See.

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AJ Martin said...

The book is phenomenal!

You think that just because Steven Curtis is "Mr. Christian Music" that he must be a great husband/father/human.

But he's had his screw-ups. His marriage has had some rough spots. He's human just like us.

The story of Maria's death had me in tears too.

suzi said...

i was actually sitting in a salon chair getting my hair colored, and trying to not look like i was blubbering like a baby.

not sure if i fooled anyone...