Comfort Food

after telling my summer reading group about all the books i've been reading about food and cooking, a friend in the group asked if i had read Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs yet. it was already on my bookshelf, as i had bought it on one of our trips to St. Jacobs. when i told her that i hadn't gotten to it yet, she suggested that it would fit nicely in with my theme.

so i picked it up on the weekend... and finished it night before last.

and Jenn was right. it fit right in with my current theme. filled with family, friends, food, love and all the drama that comes with it, Comfort Food was a pleasant diversion from the exceedingly hot summer days that we've had around here. the characters were mostly believable, and charming each in their own way, even if some of the transformations that occurred in their lives seemed a bit forced and unbelievable. but i was willing to overlook that, mostly because the story on the whole was delightful.

Ms. Jacobs is also the author of The Friday Night Knitting Club, another one i picked up in St. Jacobs, but have not yet read. given that yarn is not something i even want to touch in the midst of this hot, humid weather, i think i'll save that one until fall!

* * * * *

Currently reading: Bird by Bird {Anne Lamott}, Patisseries of Paris {Jamie Cahill} and The Elegance of the Hedgehog {Muriel Barbery}